No Advertising, Just Classifieds

Advertising has become as much a part of twenty-first century life as computers and working on the weekend. As if advertising in the media wasnt enough, savvy advertisers are now hocking their wares through advertisements on sidewalks, airsick bags, mobile phones, merchandising and even tattoos. Thats right; companies are paying individuals big bucks to have their logo or slogan permanently printed on to their body.

Of course, not all advertising is bad. Considered classified advertising. Classifieds serve a useful purpose  they help to bring buyers and sellers together. Online classified advertising is even better; after all, not everyone reads the newspaper but millions of people log on to the internet on a daily basis. There are thousands of online classifieds websites to chose from, so how do you know which one will yield the best results? is a leader in a rapidly emerging field. This site allows users to post free advertisements with no limitations  unlike other free sites, which only allow the seller to use a certain amount of words. has no hidden costs, does not require registration and, most importantly, has no advertising!

Other classifieds sites are often riddled with annoying and distracting advertising. Some have pop up advertisements, which are frustrating and can make navigating the site a nightmare, while others will use the information they collect from you (such as your e-mail address and the information you access on the site) to spam you with Special Offers and Limited Time Deals.

Other forms of advertising are more than just annoying; they can seriously work against the seller. Some site others disguise advertisements for their sponsors as classified advertising, so when users open these ads they are often led away from the site  meaning theyll never see your advertisement.

Some free classifieds websites even post competing advertisements next to your ads. The cars category, for example, will include advertisements for wholesale dealers. Do you really want to have to compete with big businesses when trying to sell something? is completely free of advertising. When you visit this site, either as a buyer or seller, you will never be annoyed or distracted by pop ups or advertising posing as classifieds. wont spam you, or sell your details to other companies. When you list an item with us, you can be guaranteed that you will not have to compete with our sponsors, or have to worry about potential buyers being scared away by annoying or deceptive advertising. banishes the bad ads so that you can enjoy the good ads. Our straightforward model makes buying and selling a piece of cake!