Laws To Follow In Small Business Advertising

There are six laws you need to adhere to in order to advertise your small business successfully. They are:

Law Number 1: Convey a single message.

Dont confuse your target audience with the message you would want to impart. Too many ideas would only spoil your marketing efforts. Try to quickly communicate your main message in not more than 3 seconds and youll be able to get your target audience to understand your business better.

Law Number 2: Make it real and credible.

Advertising has become one of the words that people dread. The mention of it would set not only aversion but also distrust among your prospective clients. Anything that reeks of dishonesty would definitely get immediate disapproval. Hence, if you have a claim to impart, make sure that it is real and credible. People are wise to any advertising antics and anything that we distrust we generally avoid.

Law Number 3: Testing1,2,3.

With a small budget to work on, you dont have the luxury to waste your hard earned money and effort. Testing your advertising campaign before you launch them at full blast would help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You can always try a simple testing method of asking around if customers have heard about your product and how.

Law Number 4: Include all contact information.

Every marketing material you have, be it full color printing materials or the basic black-and-white, you need to include all your contact information to make it easier for your target audience to get in touch with you. Youll say, sure, everybody knows that, but youll be surprised how many still forget to enter their contact details when theyve finished color printing their promotional collaterals.

Law Number 5: Advertising that match your target.

Focusing your marketing efforts to your target market not only eliminates wastage but more importantly, it helps you tailor your advertising campaign to your target customers. The key is to focus your message to match that of your target market.

Law Number 6: Generate interest and curiosity with your advertising.

Advertising per se does not sell your product or service. It actually generates interest and curiosity for your product that makes your target customer want to know more. That is successful advertising.

Finally, all these laws boil down to one main principle: the success of your advertising efforts is based on the message you want to convey. A clear and precise message would more than likely get you the success you want than any amount of money in the world.