Alternative Advertising Strategies at the Gas Pump

Gas pumps provide many great OOH opportunities to reach consumers. The progression of advertising displays has evolved very quickly; it began with the gas topper at the pump, then with the gas pump handle itself, and later with branding every item from the windshield squeegee to the trash cans. Today, with the introduction of digital advertising, you can reach a consumer with store specials or interactive information as they stand there with nothing to do. The unique and alternative out of home advertising possibilities are nearly limitless at the pump.

Benefits of the OOH Medium –

Unless you’re targeting a major public commuter market (like New York or DC), almost every consumer needs gas. And rarely is an audience more captive than at the gas pump, standing around with nothing to do but wait. An entertaining ad serves as a welcomed distraction. In fact, many consumers see gas pump advertising as informative and entertaining rather than obtrusive.

Another benefit of the medium is the ability to stand out. Advertisers don’t have the clutter at the pump like they do inside the convenient store, where they have to compete with on-product displays and other in-store advertisements. The gas pump provides a center stage opportunity for your brand’s messaging.

How this OOH Medium is Used –

There are a number of different possibilities for the type of messaging that can be used — and for the audience that can be targeted — with gas pump advertising. Depending on the location of the gas station, you can target commuters, soccer moms and family vacationers with messages geared specifically toward them. Targeting by location is a great way to reach certain types of demographic groups. Is there a big mall nearby with a theater? What about a popular health club where your demographic group would work out? The location is the most important determining factor with gas pump advertising. And since gas stations are such a necessity, they are not limited to any geographic area, making it possible to target any demographic.

If the digital or interactive screens are used, you might even focus your messaging by specific times of day. You could plan your messaging to reach morning and evening commuters, after school kids or moms in the afternoon. Since many busy professionals hit the pumps on their lunch break, you could even reach hungry consumers with delicious lunchtime messaging.

Some great campaigns have used station domination to reach their customers by putting messages on the pumps, window squeegees, trash cans, floor mats and in the car wash! It’s a perfect environment for capturing attention.

Of course, if you advertise where your products are sold, point-of-purchase is another way to use gas pumps. However, more types of advertisers are discovering gas pump advertising because they know the consumer is probably on his or her way to another buying opportunity. Automotive, Internet, financial and insurance are some of the industries that have jumped on board with gas station advertising.